JAYESS Sound Decision 02

by | 29th Jan 2021 | Show Update

Hey There, & welcome to this weeks show!
For those of you that don’t already know; SOUND DECISION will be gracing the airwaves with yours truly every Saturday from 14:00h – 16:00h GMT.

You can download the Decadance app, or listen live here: https://decadanceradio.com/
Next week the cameras will be on so you can follow the “Live action” from the studio as well, as we all know how exciting it is to watch a DJ!
Expect the usual mixed bag from me, with the 1st hour being a more chilled vocally melodic affair, to guide you into the weekend, then the 2nd hour will have decidedly more ‘clubby’ feel.

Please feel free to comment, send love/hate mail, or reach out via all the usual platforms, shout outs, requests, and if you are a producer, music gratefully received!

So, for now, turn on, plug in turn up & enjoy. As always, thanks for your support, J 

Mixcloud link: JAYESS Sound Decision 02 by JAYESS | Mixcloud