Quarantine Live

by | Mar 27, 2020 | News

As a country we’ve moved into a strange area of life where there’s lots of unknowns, I mean after week two (three for some people) are you fed up of staying at home yet? You don’t really know who is a key worker from your neighbours and who is self isolating, who still has a job and who doesn’t, and how long all this lockdown will go on for. They are saying the end of May right?

Then there’s the panic buying from the public and the sad videos you see in the news about NHS workers who can’t even eat. How are the elderly going to cope being on their own during this period and more importantly what the overall state of the nation going to be during this period as we all look to self-quarantine until the government lock us down completely?

We think there are too many negative stories online for our liking, and Decadance is here to attempt to counteract all that negativity with a series of livestreams and shows entitled ‘Quarantine Live’. Today (Easter Monday @ 3:00pm GMT) make sure you get locked into our socials for the Decadance Watch Party links and listen to longest standing radio resident Danny Wolf playing out some sick spring tunes for a Monday afternoon.

Not only that but we are also launching our ONDemand Player later tonight with a load of old mixes and sets from Decadance events past and present, we will also be inviting Decadance DJ’s past and present to do some live sets from their homes.

Quarantine Live starts today from 3:00pm GMT with Danny Wolf with information on what is happening with the new Decadance Radio station and how you can win tickets to our first set of events which will be planned for when this virus has gone.


Over the coming months you’ll get a load of live shows and content, all on top of the live radio output which you can listen to online or via our new smartphone app which you can download here:



You can get more info on Decadance and the brand new radio updates by visiting https://decadanceradio.com/radioupdate or by visiting our social media platforms just search for ‘clubindecadance‘ on all the major platforms.