NEW SHOW ALERT: Drivetimes with Taylor

by | Sep 22, 2020 | News

Last night we launched a brand-new show on Decadance Radio. As the station continues to grow its schedule of DJ’s, offering more to the city of Brighton & Hove, we added Taylor Jake-Budd to the line-up of daytime hosts. Taylor will head the new Decadance Drivetime show every weekday from 4pm, pumping you up as the workday comes to a close.

Launching back on 7th August, Decadance Radio has had a range of live shows across the week, with Breakfast being the only live daytime show. Taylor’s new Drivetime show will add a fresh new voice along with features and music to the daytime mix, bringing a new life to your drive home.

With a strong focus on local content and support for local artists, Decadance is fearless in its approach to bucking the trend of networking and pulling away from the city (as we have seen one too many times!) and instead focusing on employing new talent and offering the city a breath of fresh airwaves.