Get Locked Into Sunday Sessions

by | May 19, 2020 | News

How is this lockdown or whatever it is affecting you and your moods? It’s mental health awareness week and there is no time more connected to everyone’s mental health than during the lockdown. We want to help bring a positive vibe to your weekends with our Sunday Sessions live streams (with a twist).

Whether you are used to whatever this lockdown is now or you are still a bit confused as to what you are doing with work and seeing mates, get locked in with us every Sunday and resident DJ Anaata (Decadance, Brighton Pride) as he lays down the perfect funky soundtrack to life your mood, full of house and classics you’ve probably heard over the years across the city at one event or another.

Anaata is delving through his music archives to find those classics which are sure to lift your mood and take you away from all the negativity. Tracks including those played at some of the events he’s DJ’d at over the years including Brighton Pride, Patterns, Sundae Sundae, Fatboy Slim Warmup, Ministry of Sound, Egg and many more.

Now we don’t have a luxury backdrop of Brighton whilst we are in lockdown, but we do have all the visuals you can take in as we’ve thrown Anaata into his spare room. Every weekend you can be sure of the best soundtrack which is what it’s all about isn’t it? What you do whilst you are locked into the live stream listening is up to you.

Make sure you get involved though as there are changes to win albums, tickets and other giveaways. We don’t really know what it will be week on week, but that’s the reason you need to get locked into the stream every Sunday from 2:00pm.

Get involved with the chat and be part of the show every week, before that make sure you are following us on our social platforms, so you get the notifications of what we are doing. Search for @clubindecadance on all major socials including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Twitch for our livestreams!

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